Peru – a nation known for the Inca Trail, Macchu Picchu and the Andes. It is divided into three main zones: dry coastal plain in the west where most of the cities and industry are located, high Andean plateau which is more agricultural, and Amazon jungle in the east. It has twenty five regions and the province of Lima. The country is a developing nation and has a population of approx 29½ million. The main language spoken is Spanish together with Quechua.

More recently, Peru has experienced both democracy and military dictatorship. In the 1980s and 1990s, Peru suffered a brutal war against Maoist rebels in which up to 69,000 people were killed. Subsequent investigations blame the rebels for many of the killings, but the military has also been implicated with some of the atrocities.

During these difficult times, there were many forced disappearances and some men and women were imprisoned, often on false charges of terrorism, leaving behind families and not knowing when they would be free. Hope and Song to Freedom works with women who are still in prison, as well as those who have been released, offering practical and emotional support to them and their families.