Main Aims

  • To support the ladies whilst they are in prison both spirtually and practically. We aim to visit the ladies every Wednesday, taking them home cooked food (the prison diet is very basic and monotonous) and sharing with them during their time of Bible study. It is the highlight of their week. Sometimes there are specific additional requirements for individuals, such as medication. As there are young children present in the prison, we take in nappies when we are able. By reaching out to others who are not necessarily part of the fellowship group, the love of God is being shown to others.
  • To provide a secure temporary accomodation facility for released women enabling them to sort out documents, get reacquainted with their families and generally re-adjust to life outside prison (even crossing the road or using more modern cooking equipment may be hazardous for them). The main concerns for the women who are reunited with their children is for them to be able to provide for their education. The women also need to be able to work and this is not always easy with a criminal record and in view of the ongoing difficult economic situation in the country.
  • To reach out to the children of these women, and many others in the poorer areas of Lima. We aim to help them in practical ways whilst sharing the Gospel with them. The Happy Hearts Children’s Club takes place every Saturday afternoon, and those who are too old to attend are able to go to a separate group, where they can receive encouragement and have fun together. The children in the neighbourhood greatly enjoy playing games, learning Bible verses and praying together. Many of them come from very poor households and through the children’s work, parents are reached too and many good relationships have been formed.