New season

I realise that nothing has appeared on the blog for a while – this is because I have put lots on the Facebook page, so apologies…that is not to say there hasn’t been anything to report.  Our best news so far in 2014 is that one of our ladies was released a couple of weeks ago – we were able to pay for the legal papers and she is now enjoying freedom after  a few years, having been eventually declared innocent.  The Ark is not needed on this occasion, as she has family in Lima, but it is there ready for the next person who needs it!  In the meantime it will be our home for a couple of weeks as we head off to Peru next month!  We are so excited at this amazing opportunity – for the first time ever our two families will be together and this is something we are particularly excited about!  Really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people, introducing my family to this amazing place and generally rejoicing at all that God has done over the years to this point.  It is coming up to HSF’s 10th anniversary – and what a decade it has been!  More on that on the next post perhaps….

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