Charity auction

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Tickets are now available for the cultural evening with charity auction to be held at Oak Grove Chapel on Satuday 22nd October at 7.30. You can get your tickets from Liz or at the Oak Grove office – £1 only!! Please come along and support this event if you are free – and bring some friends! If you have anything to contribute Liz would also love to hear from you! That goes for items that can be sold and also services that can be offered, so if you would like to cook a dinner party for a couple of people, or do some gardening, or you have an item that someone else might want, please do get in touch with us!

School in Peru

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In England children have gone back to school for a new academic year in recent days. In Peru the school year starts in March/April. It costs on average £42.50 to kit a child out for school and this is beyond the reach of many people in the shanty towns around Lima. Some children just don’t go to school because their parents can’t afford to send them. Many parents also tell us how they struggle to afford school shoes for their children if they do manage to get their books and other bits. As you go back to school or know children who are going, spare a thought for those with whom we have contact in Peru, even though it is not the start of another year for them and please pray that we will be able to support more families in coming months so more children can receive an education which we easily take for granted…

Charity day

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We will be having a stall at Mannington Hall in Norfolk tomorrow for their charity day. Overall the money raised from the event is going to support the work of the Red Cross this year, but individual stalls can be there to raise funds for their own charities. We are hoping to meet other people who work for different charities and do some networking, as well as making ourselves known and hopefully selling some Peruvian items to raise money for Hope and Song to Freedom. We hope to return with good reports!

Recent news

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The Ark is not yet home to any women as we are awaiting release of several in the coming months, but it is being used for Kids Klub on Saturdays, so it is great to know that the children don’t have to stay outside when the weather is not so good. Hopefully this will happen less now though, as summer is approaching in that part of the world! Over there things are ticking along nicely with nothing major to report, over here we are gearing up for the charity fundraiser/auction evening on the 22nd October, so a gentle reminder to those who are local to put the date in your diary and to get in touch if you have any items/services you can contribute to help make the evening a great success, many thanks in advance!

Date for your diary

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On Saturday 22nd October we are holding an auction to raise funds for the work in Peru. If you have any item you would like to donate, please get in touch – or maybe you can offer your services as a cleaner/gardener etc…? Watch this space for my details, in the meantime put the date in your diary and invite some friends! With your help we can have a really good evening and support a very worthwhile cause! Gracias!


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Some time ago we mentioned that you can help us raise funds for the work of HSF by using the website – this quarter by going via the website to retailers we use (such as Amazon and Tesco), we have raised £4.59. If more people join us, we could be clocking up a lot more and then receive a cheque each quarter (if we get a minimum of £15). There are voucher codes and deals on the page too so you can find some bargains whilst helping us. Please do take a look and see how you can help and if you do make any purchases online, please consider going via this website, it will not cost you anything and it will make a difference to us! We hope to see this figure increase in the near future – thank you in advance!

Good news

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One of the ladies in our group in Santa Monica prison has been released. She comes from a long way away from Lima and has gone home to be reunited her with son. She will not need to use the facilities of The Ark but we are happy for her, now she can enjoy freedom after many years. We join with the others who remain, wondering who will be next and who will be our first resident in The Ark?…

Uncertain times

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At the end of the month, Peru’s new president, Ollanta Humala takes office and will govern Peru for the next few years. It is an uncertain time and at present there are strikes taking place in many areas and the country is at a bit of a standstill. No decisions are being made on prisoners being released, so the ladies in prison are feeling a little down. Please remember this situation in your prayers.

Father’s Day

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As we celebrate Father’s Day in the UK, on the other side of the world people are also celebrating in Peru. However, sadly in many of the families with whom we have contact, there is no father figure. Many of the women are left to bring up the children on their own, with these little ones often being left for hours on end while their Mum tries to earn a living. Please remember them in your prayers, and pray for Dinger as he leads the children’s club every Saturday. He is looked upon as a father by so many and he has a heart to reach out to other men and encourage them to be fathers. What an important role! Pray that the children will come to know that they have a Heavenly Father who is Father of the Fatherless.

Celebrate event

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We will be at the Forum in Norwich all day Friday and all day Saturday with the Hope and Song to Freedom display, as part of the Celebrate event. Come and see us if you are able!