Crafts in prison

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The ladies in Santa Monica are learning new skills.  This week they have a special workshop where they will learn how to make something.  In the past we have been able to do this in a limited way, although now we have new contacts and are excited about really getting going on this.  Miriam attended a silversmithing course last year and we hope that she will be able to learn other skills to pass on, as well as experts themselves being able to go into prison and teach the ladies.  This gives them an interest and a focus and when they have products to sell, this gives them a small income too.  We hope to be able to report more on this in the coming months!


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Miriam has been very unwell this week and unable to carry out normal HSF activities.  She has undergone tests but we are still not entirely sure what the problem is.  We would be grateful if you could pray for a speedy recovery and for the family to know God’s peace and provision at this time (being ill always costs in Peru!).  We can all take our health for granted and when we get setbacks it is frustrating and unpleasant.  We all hope this affliction passes soon.

Happy Mother’s Day

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It is Mother’s Day in Peru today.  Miriam and the ladies in Santa Monica enjoyed a special time of celebration on Wednesday.  We were able to provide some towels and toiletries as gifts and these were greatly appreciated.  It was also an opportunity to give nappies to the mums who need them for their little ones.  This time of year is always special to us, as it is HSF’s birthday too.  We are looking forward to the big one next year – 10 years!  Please think of ways we can mark this occasion, as we would like to do something special.  Keep praying for our ladies in prison, after all, Mother’s Day is a bittersweet time, as many of them don’t see their children.  Separation is painful….

A new chapter for HSF

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We have joined a group called Aylsham Worldwide.  AWW aims to promote awareness of what local people are doing to make a difference in the developing world and provide a forum for sharing information, ideas and publicity for a range of locally-supported overseas projects.  We look forward to new doors opening for us in our local area.  Interestingly enough, it was driving home from Aylsham in 2004 that God put on my heart to do something for Mother’s Day for the ladies of Santa Monica.  Next week they will be celebrating Mother’s Day again and we can rejoice at how that acorn is indeed growing more and more.  AWW has a page on Facebook – if you already like our page, please like theirs too!  We look forward to this new partnership and will report more in the coming months…..

An anniversary

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One year ago today, two special young ladies made their way to Peru to do some work for Hope and Song to Freedom.  Little did they know how much their trip would achieve! Isabelle and Sarah have become a special part of our HSF story and as we look back over the past year, we are so grateful and thank God for their willingness to serve the people in Peru, their enthusiasm to report on everything back at home and their friendship which spans two continents.  Because of what God has done through them, we now have further contacts in Norwich, Bristol and North Wales!  Who else will be part of our story as we continue along this journey we wonder?

Prayer for Peru

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We will be speaking about the work of HSF at the House of Prayer in Norwich at 7.30 on the 22nd of April.  If you are local and able to join us, it would be great to see you there!  If you can’t make it, your prayers are always appreciated!

How many Canadians can you fit into the Ark?

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No, it’s not a trick question.  This week there were 21 Canadians who came to Lima and Miriam was able to put them up on mattresses on the floor of the Ark.  She said it was a great blessing to them and they enjoyed a time of fellowship.  It is great that this tool is being used in creative ways, whilst there are no occupants.  Now we stand by, waiting for other opportunities and hoping for the release of some of our girls – as yet we have no dates for this.  Your prayers are appreciated!

New opportunity

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I am looking forward to sharing about the work of Hope and Song to Freedom somewhere new tomorrow – at 2.30 I will be speaking to the ladies of Rosebery Road Methodist Church in Norwich.  If you are local and fancy coming along, please do!  If not, please pray that we have a good time and that more people will come on board to support what we are doing in the prison and amongst needy families in Lima!

Happy Easter!

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Here we continue to endure the long winter and hope Spring is just around the corner.  In Lima it is still hot and life continues with not much to report.  That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, just nothing out of the usual.  Thank you for your continued prayers, even when there is nothing specific to share.  Different continents, different temperatures but one Jesus, who died for us all.  So whether we are thinking of his death and resurrection in English or Spanish this week-end, we can celebrate together, along with our many brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day

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I hope you have all had a good mother’s day.  Women in Peru are not celebrating until May – spare those in prison a thought, as they are separated from their families.  Some ladies have never had the chance to become mothers because they were arrested when they were young and had not yet married.   Other mothers in the shanty towns are burdened with the start of a new academic year approaching, as they wonder how they are going to afford to send their children to school.  Hope and Song to Freedom try and bring comfort and practical help wherever possible – thank you for standing with is in this privileged task.