A light in the darkest corner

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This is the title of a new book, written by our friend Julio in Peru.  It is available on Kindle, hot off the press, having been translated into English.  If you want to find out more about the history of Peru in its darkest times, why not download this book?  I have read the original Spanish manuscript and it is really interesting.  I would be interested to hear from you once you have read it!  And don’t forget, it is available from Amazon, which you can get at via easyfundraising and help us raise some money for HSF at the same time!  Happy reading!

Money for nothing

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Hi Elizabeth,
Fantastic news, supporters of ‘Hope & Song To Freedom’ have raised £15.80 this quarter. Look out for your cheque which should arrive in the next few weeks.
This is part of an email I have just received.  It comes from which we have talked about before.  If more of our supporters could use this facility when shopping online, at no extra cost to themselves, they could help that figure go up significantly and each quarter we could benefit from a lot more pennies!  Please would you consider this, if you are not doing so already?  If you need more details, please ask!

Children in prison

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A few days ago there was an article in the Daily Mail about the children in prisons in Argentina.  Many of the photos reminded me of ‘ours’.  The situation was a little different and the inside of the prison looked different too, but nevertheless, it did make me think of the fact that there are children up to the age of 4 in prison.  Miriam provides nappies where possible and we desire to reach out to these mothers too, not all of them part of our group.  If you want to know more about these children in prison, do drop us a line.  Please remember them when you think of the work of HSF…

Día de la amistad

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Today is Friendship Day in Peru.  The girls in prison celebrated with Miriam during her visit yesterday.  One lady became a Christian – what a great day to understand that Jesus is the best friend she will ever have!  We are grateful for our friendships which cross cultural barriers, also for friends who support the work of HSF!

New ladies

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I am looking forward to sharing about the work of Hope and Song to Freedom in a new location tomorrow morning – I will be venturing out to Ludham!  It’s always good to meet new people and tell others about Peru!  Prayers for safe travel would be appreciated, looking at the weather forecast!

Soft toys for sale

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Our friends in CROMER have been given a lot of new soft toys and they will be selling them at the Parish Hall coffee bar on the 6th February from 10-12.  All proceeds will go to the work of HSF – if you live in the area and can support it, that would be great!  Spread the word to others!


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Being stuck indoors for a second day due to the bad weather has made me reflect on the topics of freedom and frustrations.  I was thinking that if this continues for several days yet it will drive me mad!  Then I thought of the ladies in Santa Monica prison who can’t go anywhere, not because of bad weather but because they are serving long sentences (often for crimes they have not committed).  So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I am choosing to lift these dear ones up to God, after all, their frustrations are a lot greater than mine!  In a few days the snow will have melted and life will be back to normal – for them, life will continue in much the same way for many years to come.  Knowing that people the other side of the world are praying for them is a great comfort to them in the long wait!

Difficult situations

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Some of our ladies have been in prison for a very long time.  Life changes little for them, whereas on the outside the world moves on and things happen, not all of them good.  With the passing of time, children can forget what their mums look like, husbands can run off with other women – these things happen and are painful.  Please pray for them, as we read in Hebrews, “remember those in chains as if you yourself were in chains”…..

Summer break

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What an amazing year 2012 has been for Hope and Song to Freedom!  Earlier in the year our friends Isabelle and Sarah went over to Peru and through them and other people, many new friendships have been formed and new supporters have come on board – in Bristol, Wales and Scotland!  We have been very aware of God’s hand on the work this year and are excited about the future!  Miriam and Dinger’s visit to the UK is of course a great highlight of the year too, both on the level of ministry and on a personal level, with many happy memories for us for many years to come.  One great thing to remember as the year draws to a close is that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called and with His help we will continue His work into 2013.  A massive thank you to all who have stood with us throughout 2012 – may God greatly bless you all xx