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I came across some statistics today: 49.57% of the world’s population are women.  Women are the most frequent victims of the worst poverty and violence and they are often left to face their challenges alone.  The women HSF is committed to helping often feel alone – let down by ‘the system’ as they face great injustice; often alone because they have no family, or at least not nearby.  It is easy to underestimate how much a simple gesture means to them – a card from the other side of the world to tell them someone cares, can lighten up their situation and put a smile in their heart.  Remember those in prison…..


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As Miriam and Dinger are due to travel back to us tomorrow, can you please remember them in your prayers that the journey will go as planned because of the bad weather we have recently experienced

Our little island

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When you look at a map of the world, the UK seems so tiny!  Yet when you are here, some places seem a really long distance away.  One such place is Edinburgh – that is where our Peruvian visitors are now!  As they come to the end of their stay in Great Britain, having been around different parts of Norfolk, then Bristol and North Wales, now they are sharing more about the work of HSF in Scotland.  We are grateful for the doors that are opening for us in all sorts of places we never imagined possible!  Just another reminder that our island may be little, but our God is big!

Christmas shopping

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I guess by now many of you have started your Christmas shopping!  This is just to remind you that we have some alternative gifts on our website – why not consider these for the person who has everything?   Each time you make a purchase, you will be helping someone in Peru who is in need!  We are hoping to add to our selection in the near future, so please do check back regularly!  For all other purchases, whether it be through well known sites such as Amazon and Tesco, please do take up our challenge to use Easyfundraising as for no extra cost to you, HSF will benefit.  If more people shop through it, we will soon be able to raise more funds for our work in Peru – if you have any questions, just ask!  Happy shopping everyone!

Let them eat cake!

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The 10 year-old daughter of one of our ‘madrinas’ held a cake sale at her church yesterday morning.  She had wanted to do something to raise funds in order to provide their lady in prison with a much-needed mattress.  After a lot of hard work helping her Mum in the kitchen the previous day, the event was successful and we now have enough for a new mattress!  Our lady in Peru will no longer have to feel the cold concrete under a thin, worn out mattress, thanks to the thoughtfulness of this little girl.  Furthermore, more people in a different church heard about the work of HSF!  There is something very special when children have a heart for those in need….

The next generation

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We have been very encouraged lately by some amazing young people!  We have met young people with a passion for making a difference in the world in which we live and it seems some new people are coming on board on our HSF adventures, whether by wanting to fundraise or go and get involved in the work!  It is great to see their enthusiasm; there is a new generation emerging….

New contacts

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Miriam, Dinger and I (Liz) have just had an amazing week-end in Bristol.  We shared about the work of HSF with two congregations of the Woodlands Church in Southmead and Clifton and Miriam and Dinger are going to be sharing with the youth group in Southmead tonight.  We are so grateful for all the contacts we are making and see God’s hand on everything.  Please join us in praying that this will be a fruitful time.  From Bristol, Miriam and Dinger will be moving on to Wales and will experience more new places and people.  Please pray for safe travel and for significant, life-changing meetings with individuals and groups.  Thank you!

A new day

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“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.  His mercies never come to an end – they are new every morning!”  Every day is different at the moment and every day we are seeing blessings as different people hear Miriam and Dinger’s testimony and give so generously to the work of Hope and Song to Freedom.  At present we are already wondering how we are going to get all the donated items back to Peru and we are not even half way through their stay yet!  It is so encouraging and they say they already have plenty to report when they get home.  A big thank you to everyone who is contributing to making this such a happy and blessed time!

Truly international

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Yesterday we had a wonderful surprise – HSF received a gift from some Nigerian children and their Indian Sunday School teacher!  We now have exactly the right amount of money to be able to buy the speakers and microphone that we have been wanting for the Happy Hearts Children Club!!  As they meet outside and the group gets bigger, sound was becoming an issue, but now thanks to this great blessing, Miriam and Dinger will be able to buy the necessary equipment when they return at the end of the month.  We marvel again at God’s provision, which often comes in unexpected ways but always delights us!

Suffering Church Sunday

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It is hard to believe that Miriam and Dinger have been with us over a week already.  It has been a great time and every day we are more and more encouraged as we see God’s hand upon the work and our lives.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming a special friend this week-end who put us in touch with each other to start with.  Jane met Miriam initially when she had just been released from prison and was at her lowest, wondering about her future.  There are still many Christians in prison in Peru and around the world, for different reasons and the Bible tells us to “remember those in chains, as if we ourselves were in chains”.  This coming Sunday is Suffering Church Sunday – please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters around the world and may it also not just be a one-off prayer time.  We have a God who answers prayer!