Grateful for GiftAid

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We have just received news that the GiftAid money for this past year has been added to our account.  This has come at a great time as it enables us to meet some of the needs we have currently as a ministry.  If you are a tax payer and would like to make regular donations or a one-off donation, or would like further information on how to support the work we do, please do contact us.  If you do not pay tax you can still give!  If you are good at fundraising or have any great suggestions of fundraising activities, we would also love to hear from you!  And if you have supported us financially in any way in this past year, a big THANK YOU!

Progress report

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We are still celebrating the news reported in our previous post!  D. is settling into the Ark and is happy that she is finally free.  This week is very busy chasing around in the time-consuming task of sorting out necessary paperwork with various authorities, so she can travel to the jungle to see her children, who of course are very eager to see her again.  There are still lots of questions for her and her future, particularly while her husband is not yet free, but Miriam is doing a great job of being there for her for emotional support and practical help.  Having been in exactly the same situation, she is the best person for the job!  We rejoice at the way God has worked things out, together for good for those who love Him, just as His Word promises!  Please continue to pray for them all, if you have any questions you know where we are!

The Ark has got its first resident!!!!!!!

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We are delighted to announce that one of the ladies from our group has been released today, after serving 4 years for a crime she did not commit.  The judge declared she was innocent and has served her with her papers, freeing her to leave.  Miriam has gone to meet her and take her back to the Ark, which will be her new home for the short term.  Her children are in the jungle and she hopes to be reunited with them soon, there are also legal papers to be sorted out.  Her husband remains detained in the men’s prison, so we are hoping for a happy ending to this story!  God’s timing is perfect and we rejoice at His provision, the dream that has become reality, that there is somewhere for those in need upon their release.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement, no doubt you will celebrate with us!

Not long now

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I have just returned from a meeting for stallholders who will be at this year’s CELEBRATE event at The Forum, Norwich on the 8th and 9th of June.  It is very exciting to think we will be there again with the Hope and Song to Freedom stand, along with other groups, displaying what is happening locally and further afield.  Do come along and see us and please pray that the week-end will go well.  Bring your friends too, there is plenty going on outside so spend some time at the event if you can.  We look forward to seeing you there…

Mother’s Day celebrations

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As I write this, the ladies in prison are having a special party to celebrate Mother’s Day this coming Sunday.  It is a special time for us as it is our anniversary too – 8 years ago the connection was made between women in Lima in prison and women in Norwich, who would pray for them and encourage them.  We have come a long way since then, and we are excited to see what lies ahead.  We are still 100% committed to reaching out with the love of God into the prison, as well as supporting those who are released, helping them to readjust to life on the outside.  Please keep praying for us, and for the ladies and prison staff, it makes a huge difference and we can’t do it without you!

Last day

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It is Isabelle and Sarah’s last day in Lima today.  They are going to be meeting some of the ladies who are part of our group, then one last chance to help out at Happy Hearts Children’s Club, then a mad dash for the airport to start the long journey back to England.  What an amazing three weeks it has been, and I am sure they will say it has flown by!  They certainly have achieved all they wanted to, and more, and we look forward to seeing all the photos, documentaries etc… – watch this space!  Somehow I don’t think it will end here…..

Report from Peru

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As mentioned in a previous post, Isabelle and Sarah are currently spending time visiting the work of HSF in Lima. Read this week’s article on Network Norwich

Why we do what we do

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Today I received a reminder of why we do what we do….a beautiful letter from one of the ladies we support, who used to be in prison.  She has a heart full of gratitude for the support she receives from England.  HSF help support her daughter’s university studies and occasionally we are also able to send some money for the medication she needs to take for her cancer.  This would not be possible without your support, so thank you to everyone who contributes in a financial way.  Beyond that though, friendship across the cultures is a beautiful thing and something which she treasures.  Knowing she is loved and people far away pray for her strengthens her and encourages her a great deal.  When I receive these reminders, I smile and once again am reminded that these little things are so significant….

Good News

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I am happy to report that Isabelle and Sarah have arrived safely in Lima and are already having a great time in Peru!  I know they will be a great blessing to everyone and that they will be blessed as they give their time and gifts to the many people there.  It is great that they have arrived in time to celebrate Easter, Latin American style!  We would not be doing any of this were it not for the first Easter!  The cross unites us across the ocean, it is the message of hope for all, please pray for them in the coming weeks as they share that message of hope with young and old, in English and in Spanish (and maybe Welsh?) Happy Easter everyone – feliz Pascuas!


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It was good to be able to share about the work in Peru with my parents’ church at the beginning of April.  I am also thrilled that two young ladies are going to be seeing the work for themselves as they go and spend time with Miriam and her family and help out in different ways during their 3-week stay in Lima this month.  Please pray for Isabelle and Sarah, who have been great at doing fundraising too!  We are very grateful for their support, enthusiasm and encouragement, as well as the gifts they bring – Isabelle is great at making videos, so watch this space!  They are both studying in Bristol, Isabelle is from Norwich and Sarah is from North Wales.  It is so encouraging to see how God weaves people together in this rich tapestry of life!