Coffee and cake

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Don’t forget to pop in on Thursday for coffee and cake or tea and cake or desserts either in the morning, the afternoon or the evening!  For a donation for the work in Peru, let’s celebrate International Women’s Day and make a difference to our sisters the other side of the world!  It would be great to see lots of you throughout the day.  Please pop by, even if only for a short time!  See you soon!

Funds for us!

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I have just received our first cheque from easyfundraising!  I am happy to announce that it was for £31.52.  The great thing is that this money came simply from a couple of us going through easyfundraising to do our online shopping.  Whenever you buy anything from Amazon, Tesco and many other retailers, if you just go through easyfundraising, they donate a few pence at no cost to you, which means periodically we get sent a cheque!  If more people do this, the cheques will be for larger amounts, so please do use this if you are not doing so already, it is a wonderful way of raising funds for the work in Peru!  We have mentioned it in the previous two newsletters and in previous blogs but if you want more info, please get in touch!

Clothes for a toddler

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Because of the floods reported in the last post, many people have lost everything.  Miriam is bringing her little niece back to Lima for a while as there is no food or anything where she lives.  I would like to send some clothes to her so if anyone has any for a 2 year old girl that they no longer need, please do get in touch with me so I can send a parcel out ASAP.  No doubt with people’s help from England we will be able to help at this time of crisis.  Thank you!

Disaster – floods

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Heavy rain near the border with Brazil has caused a lot of damage to the area and many people living there are suffering, having lost everything.  Miriam’s brother is one of these.  (He has lost his home and his business).  Please pray for those affected.  It is hard for us to imagine what devastation this can cause and how long it will take to rebuild when things die down.  It is hard for family members who live in Lima and other places far away, who feel unable to help….

International Women’s Day

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Women around the world celebrate their own special day on the 8th March.  We are taking this opportunity to do some fundraising for the women we support in Peru.  If you are local it would be great to see you at Liz’s house either in the morning for coffee and cake or in the afternoon for tea and cake!  If you work during the day, there is also the chance to come for coffee and dessert in the evening!  All donations will be used for the work of Hope and Song to Freedom.  Hope to see many of you then!

New curtains

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In the prison cells there are shower curtains around the ‘toilets’ – some of these have become mouldy and were causing health problems for the ladies. We are pleased to report that recently we received a gift to meet any need we had, and so we were able to buy some new, better quality ones. The ladies will be receiving these for Christmas. It is great to know that in some small way, we can make a difference to their daily lives while we all patiently wait for their release.

Pills and potions

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Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to meet a couple of urgent medical needs this month. It is easy to take our health for granted, particularly those of us who live in the UK. We don’t realise often how such a minor thing as a headache can be a great inconvenience when you don’t have money for paracetamol, let alone if it is something more serious requiring a visit to the doctor! We are headed for the flu season here but it is getting warmer in Peru, nevertheless health problems can strike at any time! Next time you reach for your tablets, spare a thought for those in Peru….

Alternative gifts

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Why not consider an alternative gift this Christmas, instead of the usual socks and aftershave? There are several to choose from on the Grassroots alternative gifts page – take a look at our website or the Grassroots one and you will see for yourself! We hope this will be a great opportunity for more people in Peru to receive the things they need. Thank you for your support!

Great news

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A huge thank you to everyone who supported the Peru evening and charity auction at the week-end. Although there were not many there, there was a great atmosphere on the night and a good time was had by all. That amazing bunch of people managed to raise over £800 for HSF, so that is really incredible! It will make a big difference to those who need it most.

Work work work

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Several of the ladies who are no longer in prison are working in the market at the moment, selling puddings. This is seasonal work and no doubt with the weather getting better it is good to be out there working, even if they are very long hours! This brings hope as they move towards Christmas, hope that they will be able to provide a little something extra for their families. There is a good feeling around generally at this time of the year, and those still in prison hope and pray they can be reunited with their loved ones in time for Christmas. There have been no promises of release, but if you can’t live in hope, you live in despair. That is the reality in Peru.