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Our summer newsletter is hot off the press!  If you haven’t seen it yet and want one, do let us know!


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If you live in Norfolk, come and visit us at our stand at The Forum on Friday or Saturday.  Come and see what is happening in our area and from our area too – there will exhibitors (us and a few others!) inside, a couple outside and music and drama taking place all day.  It will be great!  Bring someone with you and introduce them to the work of HSF and hot off the press we have our summer newsletters ready now!  Hope to see you there!

Where are the Irish?

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As we celebrate the Jubilee and think about Great Britain at this time, I am happy to reflect on the role the British have played and are playing in the work of Hope and Song to Freedom!  How amazing that God chose us, all the way over here, to make a difference in the lives of those so far away from our own country!  And of course it is not just people from England who are making a difference over there – recently Miriam has been able to welcome Welsh and Scottish people onboard!  So now we just need some help from the Irish – any offers out there?  As we celebrate our monarch, we also rejoice that the King of Kings is not confined to Britain or any nation, He is there for us all and we serve Him with joy!

Grateful for GiftAid

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We have just received news that the GiftAid money for this past year has been added to our account.  This has come at a great time as it enables us to meet some of the needs we have currently as a ministry.  If you are a tax payer and would like to make regular donations or a one-off donation, or would like further information on how to support the work we do, please do contact us.  If you do not pay tax you can still give!  If you are good at fundraising or have any great suggestions of fundraising activities, we would also love to hear from you!  And if you have supported us financially in any way in this past year, a big THANK YOU!

Not long now

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I have just returned from a meeting for stallholders who will be at this year’s CELEBRATE event at The Forum, Norwich on the 8th and 9th of June.  It is very exciting to think we will be there again with the Hope and Song to Freedom stand, along with other groups, displaying what is happening locally and further afield.  Do come along and see us and please pray that the week-end will go well.  Bring your friends too, there is plenty going on outside so spend some time at the event if you can.  We look forward to seeing you there…

Coffee and cake

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Don’t forget to pop in on Thursday for coffee and cake or tea and cake or desserts either in the morning, the afternoon or the evening!  For a donation for the work in Peru, let’s celebrate International Women’s Day and make a difference to our sisters the other side of the world!  It would be great to see lots of you throughout the day.  Please pop by, even if only for a short time!  See you soon!

Funds for us!

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I have just received our first cheque from easyfundraising!  I am happy to announce that it was for £31.52.  The great thing is that this money came simply from a couple of us going through easyfundraising to do our online shopping.  Whenever you buy anything from Amazon, Tesco and many other retailers, if you just go through easyfundraising, they donate a few pence at no cost to you, which means periodically we get sent a cheque!  If more people do this, the cheques will be for larger amounts, so please do use this if you are not doing so already, it is a wonderful way of raising funds for the work in Peru!  We have mentioned it in the previous two newsletters and in previous blogs but if you want more info, please get in touch!

Alternative gifts

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Why not consider an alternative gift this Christmas, instead of the usual socks and aftershave? There are several to choose from on the Grassroots alternative gifts page – take a look at our website or the Grassroots one and you will see for yourself! We hope this will be a great opportunity for more people in Peru to receive the things they need. Thank you for your support!

Charity auction

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Tickets are now available for the cultural evening with charity auction to be held at Oak Grove Chapel on Satuday 22nd October at 7.30. You can get your tickets from Liz or at the Oak Grove office – £1 only!! Please come along and support this event if you are free – and bring some friends! If you have anything to contribute Liz would also love to hear from you! That goes for items that can be sold and also services that can be offered, so if you would like to cook a dinner party for a couple of people, or do some gardening, or you have an item that someone else might want, please do get in touch with us!

Charity day

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We will be having a stall at Mannington Hall in Norfolk tomorrow for their charity day. Overall the money raised from the event is going to support the work of the Red Cross this year, but individual stalls can be there to raise funds for their own charities. We are hoping to meet other people who work for different charities and do some networking, as well as making ourselves known and hopefully selling some Peruvian items to raise money for Hope and Song to Freedom. We hope to return with good reports!