Amazing April Adventures

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Well the Lake family have returned from a great two week stay in Lima!  It was great to have our two families together for the first time ever and we shared many happy moments together, making memories which will for ever stay with us.  A really wonderful present for our tenth anniversary of HSF!  We took part in Happy Hearts Club, visited some of our ladies, visited both prisons and discussed lots of different issues relating to the work we do and feel we made huge steps forward.  Of course there remain many things that need developing further, but on the whole we felt it was a very worthwhile trip.  We hope to share our experiences with many of you over the coming months, if we have not already spoken to you.  If you are a Facebook user, please like our page for mini-updates and don’t forget to check this blog too to keep informed of what is happening both here and in Peru.  Many thanks to you all!

New season

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I realise that nothing has appeared on the blog for a while – this is because I have put lots on the Facebook page, so apologies…that is not to say there hasn’t been anything to report.  Our best news so far in 2014 is that one of our ladies was released a couple of weeks ago – we were able to pay for the legal papers and she is now enjoying freedom after  a few years, having been eventually declared innocent.  The Ark is not needed on this occasion, as she has family in Lima, but it is there ready for the next person who needs it!  In the meantime it will be our home for a couple of weeks as we head off to Peru next month!  We are so excited at this amazing opportunity – for the first time ever our two families will be together and this is something we are particularly excited about!  Really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people, introducing my family to this amazing place and generally rejoicing at all that God has done over the years to this point.  It is coming up to HSF’s 10th anniversary – and what a decade it has been!  More on that on the next post perhaps….

Two Christmas parties and a graduation

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Today is a very busy day for Miriam.  She will be organising the Christmas party in Santa Monica prison with our ladies, then she will also put on a Christmas celebration in the minimum security prison, which she visits from time to time.  Following that busy time and a lot of rushing around, will she put her feet up?  Oh no!  Today is also a very special day because Juanita has her graduation!  She has managed to complete her university studies despite all the odds being stacked against her over the years.  We are very proud of her and wish her all the best for her future!  The ceremony is this evening and we look forward to seeing the photos!  Tomorrow won’t be very relaxing either, as Miriam is still planning a few Christmas treats with individuals we support and on Saturday there will be the Happy Hearts Children’s Club Christmas party.  Please remember all these events in your prayers and thank you for your support over another year.  Without the generous support of people in this country, some of these treats would not be possible.  We are grateful to you all.  FELIZ NAVIDAD….

A great evening

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Tonight was a huge success – who would have thought that swapping clothes in a café on the North Norfolk Coast would generate so much money for the work in Peru!?  I have come away with £235.  A huge thanks to those who organised it and those who supported the event.  This money will help provide the replacement vehicle that is very much needed in Peru.  We are a step closer after tonight….

Friday celebration

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If you live in the Norwich area, why not come along to Norwich Central Baptist Church on Friday 4th October at 7.30?  There is a United Thanksgiving Service organised by Celebrate Norwich and Norfolk and we will be amongst those exhibiting their stands.  It will be an opportunity for more people to hear about the work in Peru and we are hoping for some good conversations!  It would be great to see many of you there!

Good news

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It is always good to receive an email that makes you happy!  I have just had one from Miriam to say that some of the things I sent in June have just arrived!  Along with Branco’s birthday present, I had also sent some clothes for children and craft bits for the Happy Hearts Club and they had not arrived all summer.  A parcel sent more recently has still not arrived and also a parcel Miriam sent me with items to sell has not yet arrived.  The post is up and down it seems and has been a cause for concern.  I hope things will settle down and we will be able to continue sending and receiving things!  If you normally send something for Christmas, my advice would be to send it off ASAP!!

Gift aid

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I have just heard that we received over £900 back in gift aid this past year for our work in  Peru.  As you can imagine, this is a big help towards our monthly costs!  We are also encouraged to have received a few gifts over the summer months for the new vehicle fund.  If you are not already using easyfundraising, please do consider this as it all helps (at no extra cost to you!).  A big thank you to everyone, whether you provide pennies, pounds or prayers (or a bit of everything!).  All is gratefully appreciated and IS making a difference!

Encouraging news

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We have received several financial gifts recently towards the new vehicle, which is much needed…another gift helped provide necessary medical treatment for one of our ladies…we are so grateful to our supporters – we couldn’t do any of this without you!

Hospital treatment needed

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One of our ladies (who was released a few years ago) suffered a haemorrhage at the week-end and needs an operation urgently.  She was very distressed on Sunday and Miriam spent time with her.  She has been told she needs an operation – she has had to have others in the past, and as always, there is a cost involved.  We would be grateful for your prayers for this dear lady: for peace, for wisdom and for provision….as usual, it is good to know there are people far away thinking of her!

Saturday morning market

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This coming Saturday we have the opportunity of displaying our boards in Aylsham Town Square.  We should be located somewhere near the Town Hall, so if you are local, why not pop over and see us?  The forecast is good, so come along for a chat, it would be good to see you!  We are excited that we have this opportunity to raise the profile of HSF; we also have an article in the ‘Just Aylsham’ magazine for July.  More and more people are hearing about the work in Peru!