Mothers’ Day in Peru

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Today is Mothers’ Day in Peru.  It is also 11 years since our ‘first Mothers’Day’ and the start of our work….Our thoughts today are with the women in prison for whom this day can be a painful reminder that  they are not with their families.  Others who have been released will be with their loved ones, and we give thanks to God for every face we can picture.  Behind each one is a story, a story we have been privileged to hear and each story has broken our hearts.  We were delighted to receive the GiftAid for the year just in time to be able to send Miriam a little extra this month, so our ladies will get a few treats.  In these little ways we seek to show them that they are not forgotten and we know how much they appreciate these little gestures.  We are grateful for all those who stand with us to make this happen.  We are very much looking forward to Miriam’s visit in a few months, hopefully!  Watch this space and we will let you know dates as soon as possible!  In the meantime, if you know of anyone/any group that would like to hear our story, please do get in touch!  For now, please join me in praying for our girls on this Mothers’ Day.

No news

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As we all enjoy the summer sunshine and more relaxed way of life here, it is hard to think that it is not summer in Peru!  Life continues as normal during the colder part of the year over there.  The children have just had a short break from school and have started up their studies again.  There is nothing significant to report at this time, but that does not mean there is nothing happening.  So in the midst of the summer fun here, please don’t forget our friends on the other side of the world and keep praying for the work of Hope and Song to Freedom!  Thank you!

Happy Mother’s Day

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It is Mother’s Day in Peru today.  Miriam and the ladies in Santa Monica enjoyed a special time of celebration on Wednesday.  We were able to provide some towels and toiletries as gifts and these were greatly appreciated.  It was also an opportunity to give nappies to the mums who need them for their little ones.  This time of year is always special to us, as it is HSF’s birthday too.  We are looking forward to the big one next year – 10 years!  Please think of ways we can mark this occasion, as we would like to do something special.  Keep praying for our ladies in prison, after all, Mother’s Day is a bittersweet time, as many of them don’t see their children.  Separation is painful….

Happy Easter!

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Here we continue to endure the long winter and hope Spring is just around the corner.  In Lima it is still hot and life continues with not much to report.  That doesn’t mean nothing is happening, just nothing out of the usual.  Thank you for your continued prayers, even when there is nothing specific to share.  Different continents, different temperatures but one Jesus, who died for us all.  So whether we are thinking of his death and resurrection in English or Spanish this week-end, we can celebrate together, along with our many brothers and sisters throughout the world.  Happy Easter everyone!

Difficult situations

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Some of our ladies have been in prison for a very long time.  Life changes little for them, whereas on the outside the world moves on and things happen, not all of them good.  With the passing of time, children can forget what their mums look like, husbands can run off with other women – these things happen and are painful.  Please pray for them, as we read in Hebrews, “remember those in chains as if you yourself were in chains”…..

New contacts

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Miriam, Dinger and I (Liz) have just had an amazing week-end in Bristol.  We shared about the work of HSF with two congregations of the Woodlands Church in Southmead and Clifton and Miriam and Dinger are going to be sharing with the youth group in Southmead tonight.  We are so grateful for all the contacts we are making and see God’s hand on everything.  Please join us in praying that this will be a fruitful time.  From Bristol, Miriam and Dinger will be moving on to Wales and will experience more new places and people.  Please pray for safe travel and for significant, life-changing meetings with individuals and groups.  Thank you!

Suffering Church Sunday

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It is hard to believe that Miriam and Dinger have been with us over a week already.  It has been a great time and every day we are more and more encouraged as we see God’s hand upon the work and our lives.  We are very much looking forward to welcoming a special friend this week-end who put us in touch with each other to start with.  Jane met Miriam initially when she had just been released from prison and was at her lowest, wondering about her future.  There are still many Christians in prison in Peru and around the world, for different reasons and the Bible tells us to “remember those in chains, as if we ourselves were in chains”.  This coming Sunday is Suffering Church Sunday – please join us in praying for our brothers and sisters around the world and may it also not just be a one-off prayer time.  We have a God who answers prayer!

End of course

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The children who attend the Happy Hearts kids club have finished the current set of books and learned many memory verses. Before they begin the next series, there is a competition with prizes and this brings the opportunity for Miriam and Dinger to visit many homes. Please pray for them as they have the chance to share with the parents what their children have been learning in recent months – it is such a great time to spread the Gospel! Pray also for these precious little ones, that they will continue to have a love for the Bible and experience God’s love and faithfulness to them.

Mother’s Day

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day in Peru (8th May). It is a difficult day for the ladies in prison, who are separated from their families. Some will receive a visit, others won’t. Please pray for them. It is also an anniversary for HSF – 7 years ago the link between women in Peru and England was formed. What a lot has happened in that time! We have much to celebrate and pray that we will continue to be a blessing to those who need us.


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Please continue to pray today for the elections that are taking place that there will be a positive outcome for those we work with