What we do

Hope and Song to Freedom (UK) and Esperanza y Canto a la Libertad (Peru) is a partnership that started in 2004. Its roots stem from a ladies’ fellowship group in a prison. Many of the ladies who meet there have been there for many years, on false charges of terrorism, dating back to the dark days of Fujimori’s regime. They have suffered human rights abuses and now they are serving lengthy sentences for crimes they didn’t commit.

Initially a group of prisonors met together to share fellowship and carry out evangelism; it has now developed to support these women, their families outside the prison and help those who are released to reintegrate into society.

Miriam Breña Torres is the project leader of our work in Peru.  Miriam was herself in prison from 1998-2001 and well understands the needs of these women.  Since her release, she has consistently gone back to the prison to offer regular support to the fellowship group.  She meets also with the ladies who have been released in recent years and helps them to sort out their release papers, get reacquainted with their families and get used to life on the outside.

In the UK
Elizabeth Lake coordinates the work in the UK. As a Spanish speaker, she is the point of contact between Miriam and the ladies in Peru and the supporters over here.